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Account Aggregation Update

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

1) To date we have added over 7200 bank fetched checks in less than 2 months.

Over the past 2 weeks we have added several banks to Ledgersync for Check Fetching.

Please see the complete growing list over here—>

On the horizon before year end:

  • BBVA Bank

  • Santander Bank

  • South State Bank (maybe).

We are often asked about Chase Bank and when it will be added. Chase is a complex beast to say the least. We are working on alternatives and methods of accessing the data.

If you have specific check needs, please submit a ticket to: and please let us know the name of the bank you need added, the number of users expected to add and the URL of the bank.

In addition the default is to fetch the last 60 days, but if you need > 60 days, please send in a ticket to

2) Client On-boarding:

We have a growing staff of dedicated Customer Service team members and it is for this reason we can offer all forms of communication to Ledgersync; chat, email and phone support.

As such, as a free service, send us a spreadsheet of your clients and we will reach out to your clients (with your permission of course) and ensure that the bank statements have been fetched by Ledgersync. Leave the “ data fetching” to us.

Coming soon…

We are expecting by early Feb 2021 to offer access to 12+ months of bank statements for just about every bank that we support statements for (and the bank allows access to 12 months of statements).

Early next year you will see a new and improved screen to add Bank Statement Aggregation. The layout is easier to use with many more bank logos to make banks far more recognizable.


We have poured every dollar we could into the technology and forming as many partnerships as we can. As a result, we made the decision to keep our Marketing budget super low.

If you are satisfied with Ledgersync, we would be honored and grateful if you can put in a good word to colleagues or post on social media groups like Facebook/Linked In about Ledgersync. Every little bit helps and we can in turn provide you more services and tools to help your business grow.

Success Story:

Merritt Bookkeeping ( has been a long term and super loyal Ledgersync User for years. Without going into much detail, Merritt Bookkeeping has taken virtual accounting to an extreme in which the entire staff is fully virtual with ALL client on boarding streamlined through the MerrittBookkeeping Portal. If there is one firm I can say “Mastered” Virtual Bookkeeping it’s this company.

Recently the company released the Ledgersync Widget as part of the client on boarding process (Ledgersync Widget fetches Bank Info but the client never leaves your web site). For example, when on boarding a new client via an intake form on your web site, the Ledgersync Widget to connect all the new client’s banks can be added as the final step.

As a result of the Widget, Merritt Bookkeeping has increased

client on boarding efficiency by 600%.

Advisory and Outsourcing Company:

Penny Breslin, runs a company called ( with a group of over 50 women all in India doing back office work. What really impresses me is that Penny has an incredibly low turnover of staff. Her entire team is all women located in India yet they have the expertise of US labor force. Over the past 6 months I have gotten to know Penny on a business and personal level and I can tell you being in the accounting tech business for 20 years and being sought out by Intuit and Xero- she really really knows her tech accounting stuff. Check out or on LinkedIn.

Recommended Accounting Facebook Group:

I’d like to personally recommend my good friends Matthew Fulton and Lynda Artesani’s group- QB Community Live:

The group close to 2k members, with tips on Accounting Practices, Technology Reviews, CPA Mentors and just a community that wants to give back.

As Matt/Lynda always say “ Together We Grow Stronger”. Join the Facebook Group, you have only to gain and nothing to lose.

Happy Holidays

Finally, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and New Years. To say 2020 was a rough year is an understatement, but we know that the worst is behind us and looking forward to ushering in 2021.

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