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Transaction & Statement Automation
for the Accounting Industry

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One Place for All Your Client's Financial Data

Ledgersync automatically fetches all your client's financial information on a unified dashboard.

  • Transactions

  • Statements

  • Check Images

  • Deposit Detail Images

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Connect with more than 10,000 Financial Institutions

Ledgersync has partnered with Mastercard to provide access to more financial institutions than any accounting platform on the market.

  • Checking

  • Savings

  • Credit Cards

  • Loans 


Want to see if we connect to your institution?

Ledgersync Features

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Running Balance at a Glance

Easily verify all information is up to date across your connected accounts including your current account balances.

Reconcile your accounts throughout the month.

Transactions Table

Easily work with your transactions in Ledgersync's Bank Feeds with our advanced filtering system.


Download transactions and import into any accounting platform with our range of export file types:


  • QBO

  • OFX

  • CSV

  • PDF

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Statement Fetching

Stop wasting time every month logging in and out of bank portals collecting all your client's bank statements.

Ledgersync will automatically fetch all your statements every month for you as soon as they become available!

Check & Deposit Images

Stop wasting time downloading each check one at a time! With Ledgersync, we fetch your check and deposit detail images and display them on a single scrolling page!

Download your images as a pdf and add them to your monthly or annual reporting.

Ledgersync Check Images.png

Ledgersync's Global Rules Engine

While other platforms require you to make a new set of rules that only work for one client under one platform, Ledgersync has been working hard to streamline your process through our Global Rules Engine!

Ledgersync is Platform Agnostic

Ledgersync allows you to download your transactions in the most commonly used file types. This allows us to work with multiple accounting platforms and cloud storage applications.

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Ledgersync Pricing

Standard Connections

*provided by the Mastercard API

per client*


  • Connect up to 7 financial institutions per client. (Checking, Savings, Credit Card, Loan Accounts) 

  • Access ALL your accounts available under each financial login.

  • Automatically fetch transactions across all accounts on a daily basis.

  • Download Transactions (QBO, OFX, CSV, PDF )

  • Automatically fetch new statements every month* when available online.

  • Statement Reconciliation Tool

  • MTD Transaction Reporting for soft closes.

  • Invite your employees to Ledgersync and manage their access.

  • Cloud Storage Sync allows you to connect to multiple platforms.

  • Ledgersync PDF to Excel Statement Converter Tool

* Minimum monthly fee of $34.00 includes your first two clients.

Check & Deposit Images

*provided by the Ledgersync API

Starting at
/per client*


Using Ledgersync's custom fetching technology we collect and display all images on a single scrolling page. Easily review images without the need to click in and out of individual checks or deposits. Download all images as PDF file and add them as part of your year end financial packet.

Note: Not all financial institutions support the collection of check and deposit images.

*Price increase per month based on total number of images downloaded each month. Maximum monthly charger per client for images is $100.00

Have Questions?

Would you like to learn more about Ledgersync? Drop us a message and we will get right back to you! 

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