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Ledgersync Software FAQs

Please contact us with any questions you may have or to get started with Ledgersync.

  • What is Ledgersync?
    Welcome to Ledgersync Ledgersync will consolidate you client’s bank and credit card transactions into the accounting software of your choice automatically. Client Sub-Accounts can also be gathered. LedgerSync is a complementary service to Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, etc not a competitive product. Extract data greater than 90 days. Extract Client Check Images and Bank/Credit Card PDF Statements. Show Check Images next to Check Transactions and allow you to code to the correct payee. Export all the data and documents to Dropbox as a secondary backup. Alert you real time for each successful/unsuccessful linked bank/credit card account. Your clients have a LedgerSync Portal to manage the bank/credit card online credentials- no hassling clients for their login info.
  • What makes Ledgersync different than Quickbooks online?
    Many of our customers first questions is; what makes you different then QuickBooks online? As a CPA QuickBooks and Ledgersync work together to provide a secure all in one online dashboard for your client transactions. With Ledgersync you’re able to connect with QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions as well many other accounting solutions. Your client’s transactions and financial data is automatically imported to your dashboard, our complementary software will turn 2 hours of accounting into 30 minutes. Read more from here
  • Where do I find my information?
    You can find all your data on our online Dashboard. Just login to your account.
  • What types of transactions can I record?
    Bank/Credit Card Transactions, Check Images, Bank/Credit Card Statements, Receipts
  • What can be automated with ledgersync?
    Employee Management Controls including Client Notifications, Scheduled or Manual Update Options, auto imports, etc.
  • What can you do with our Statement Reconciliation Tool?
    Verify your bank data is complete! Including: Total # of Deposits, Total Value of Deposits, Total # of Expenses, and Total Cost of Expenses.
  • Will Ledgersync support my bank?
    Hundreds of Bank and Credit Card Feeds in US and Canada to Choose From: Search here
  • Does ledgersync keep an actual copy of each check image?
    Yes, each check is stored and can be referenced at any time.
  • How can I edit my transactions?
    Add Payee Names and Custom Memos. Visit our Videos page for a quick tutorial.
  • Can I export data with ledgersync?
    Yes! You can export Your Banking Data in Accounting Formats (IIF | OFX | QBO), Excel Formats (CSV | XLS | XLSX), and as PDF documents.
  • How far back can Ledgersync pull data?
    The default setting is 90 days, LedgerSync is able to go as far back as the bank allows. There is a $30 fee to pull data beyond 90 days.
  • Why chose ledgersync?
    All Your Financial Transactions and checks in one place. Verify Cleared Checks for your clients, easy to use interface, save individual images or as PDF bundle, edit and export transactions, monthly financial statements, and more.
  • How can I reach your customer service?
    Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions via chat right from the website, email, and phone.
  • List of supported Ledgersync Banks
    Click Here to download csv file with all Supported Ledgersync Banks
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