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Ledgersync Case Study

ledgersync case study.jpg


Maurice Berdugo Owner & CEO

  • MBA Johns Hopkins University- Finance

  • Owner of Ledgersync

  • Developing Financial Software Applications since 2000

  • Established Ledgersync in 2014

  • Servicing 500+ Accounting/Bookkeeping Firms

  • BS Accounting (UCSB)

  • Co-Founder of Parkway Business Solutions

  • Accounting Application Ninja

  • Local and International Clientele

  • Developing Vendorsync, a complementary application to Ledgersync



  • Was once audited by IRS had to fight my way with bank to get copy of check.

  • Realized from my CPA and others that this is a common challenge, not tech solution available.

  • Launched Ledgersync in June of 2016.

  • Hundreds of Accounting/BK firms

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How Ledgersync Helped Parkway Solutions

  • Reduced our client exposure by remove the need to store bank logins

  • Cut down Data Entry by 60%

  • No need to chase clients for the statements each month.

  • Streamlines the on-boarding process

  • Dropbox Integration provides us audit ready data including our check images and statements.

  • Provides us the benefits of cloud accounting in a desktop environment.

Benefits of Ledgersync


The most stable bank connections in the industry


Limit client access at the employee level. Even provide your clients office manager controlled access

Deposit Details

Matching Deposit amounts with their parts is simple with Ledgersync’s Deposit Images

Gives Accountants Power

Ledgersync enables the accountant to manipulate the financial data before it goes into the accounting platform. With power like that large projects can be reduced down to hours instead of days

Advanced Search Feature

Searching transactions in Ledgersync is simple and fast


Close Month-End Sooner

More Than 90 Days

Allows to rebuild data as far back as 2018 when necessary

Dropbox Integration

Provides all your clients data without ever leaving the desktop.  Use the Dropbox desktop integration to receive all your transaction, check images, and bank statements for the comfort of your own desktop

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