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Thank you for being a Ledgersync Customer and sticking around. 

Over the past few months we have been making significant changes to our system and we are releasing to you our new and improved Ledgersync Beta Version. Fully built on state of the art and most cutting edge technology.

What are the changes?

8,000 bank feed connections

Up to 2 years of Bank Transactions

Extremely quick bank feed connections

Fast & Stable  bank feed connections

6 months of bank statements

Simplified Pricing Per Client

No more backdating costs

Our Thanks To You! 

We are permanently discount Ledgersync for you by 20%. Use coupon code EFG123. 

Ledgersync Schedule

What to expect over the next few months

The existing current Ledgersync version will continue to run and be supported at least until end of July 2019. 
However we recommend that you begin migrating your clients over to the new version of Ledgersync if you don't immediately require check image capture. We are developing software that will also assist with the migration process.
For any more questions, please contact us at +1 (877) 415-3152
or email us at support@ledgersync.com