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Bank Connectivity Improvement

Hello Ledgersync Member.

I just wanted to send out a short email and address head on issues related to bank connectivity.

We are all aware that bank connections break and break often. For this reason Xero decided to make significant changes with Hubdoc.

On our end we are pushing the industry to provide stable connections that stick and we are making progress:

Here a few examples:

  • More bank direct connections that don’t break ( example BofA, Wells Fargo, Navy Federal and Chase).

  • We are working with our partner to identify issues and preemptively resolve them before you experience these issues

  • On our end we are working on a number of in-house technologies as redundancy technology. (Example- Ledgersync Helper and soon a new tech to be released).

  • Making the Ledgersync UI more clear and descriptive as to issues (Example- Please use the Dashboard (second icon)

Broken connections impacts both you and us and to be honest it sucks and frustrating (this stuff keeps me up at night!).

Without a doubt we are 100% aligned to improving all data connections and you will see a much more aggressive and systematic approach to improving data connections.

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to me



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