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Sign-up To Learn More About Ledgersync And How It Can Save Your Firm Time & Money. At The End Of The Session, We Will Raflle Off A 50$ Amazon Gift Card!

LedgerSync Live Demo | We will cover:

Why LedgerSync makes a firm money

The time savings LedgerSync creates and how to implement in your firm

How to utilize LedgerSync for hard to reach clients

Why the industry is moving quickly toward "No Data Entry"

How LedgerSync integrates with QuickBooks

Benefits of

Ledgersync Deal

Connect to 8,000 bank and get transactions up to two years

Get up to 2 years of transactions in minutes.

The bank feeds in many cases are direct to the bank and so we have a lot less breakages than before

6 months of bank statements fairly quickly

There are no more backdating charges and we charge for each client that you add to LedgerSync. Simple and Easy!

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