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What is Ledgersync?

Ledgersync solves one of the big annoyances of monthly bookkeeping; accessing your banking data to your CPA in a timely manner.

Ledgersync Securly Aggregates:

  • Bank Statements

  • Transactions

  • Daily Balances

Simply put, Ledgersync FETCHES all your bank feed data, imports it into Ledgersync so that your financial can be completed timely without the hassle

How does Ledgersync work?

Very simple!

  1. Your CPA will create a Ledgersync account and send over an email invite.

  2. Click on the Link and create a password

  3. Click on the “Add Bank” (Plus Sign) button

  4. Select the Bank and follow the wizard to add your bank


Ledgersync uses the highest Bank Grade Security.

Any questions, please let us know at!

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